Universal Head Immboliser

The Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser is simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean.

Composed of two plastic coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base and two durable head straps.

These head supports can be used on standard backboards, or turned around for use on the Ferno 65 or Saver Scoop Stretcher.

Key features
  • Unique head strap is designed to conform to patient’s forehead
  • Large ear holes for monitoring the patient’s ear canal
  • Minimal interference with X-ray, MRI or CT scan procedures
  • Waterproof plastic coating makes it easy to clean and prevents bacterial growth within components

Headhugger Head Immobiliser

The HeadHugger Head Immobiliser is ideal for situations where retrieving equipment quickly is difficult or for use in mass casualty accidents.

The specially treated corrugated plastic used is durable and water resistant.

The HeadHugger Head Immobiliser has a low profile design and is great for compact storage.

Key features
Independent support panels fold around the patient’s head and are held in place with velcro fasteners
Radiolucent and does not interfere with CT scanners or MRIs
Provides easy access to patient
Dual head supports can be moulded to fit the contour of each patient
Single use.


FERNO Kendrick Extrication Device (KED)

The KED is ideal for extricating patients from motor vehicle accidents and confined spaces. Built in handles allow rescuers a firm grip on the patient and KED as a single unit.

The device works by immobilising the head, neck and torso, minimising further injury. The KED adapts to hip and pelvic splint by simple inversion.

Wrap around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of spine, neck and head.

The Ked Can be used for multiple patient sizes, including children and pregnant women.

Colour coded, sewn-in securing straps and snap lock buckles are used for quick, easy application.    


Spine Boards

FERNO Najo Lite

The Najo Lite is our lightest and most popular Najo backboard at just 6.5 kg.

22 comfortable hand grip positions including two at the foot and head end. Tapered foot end for confined space handling and angled edges for easy log-rolling. Central lower slot allows immobilisation of each leg separately.

Strong, one-piece HDPE construction is 100% X-ray translucent and impervious to body fluids allowing for quick cleaning or decontamination.

Buoyant for water rescue operations.

Available with optional speed clip pins.


Ferno Najo Redihold

Ferno NAJO backboards are tough, durable, impervious to all body fluids, 100% x-ray translucent and are easy to decontaminate.

Despite their thin profile and light weight, the NAJO backboards are rated for a 227 kg load and will float a patient between 56.7 to 125 kg.

Handholds are recessed to allow clearance when picking up the backboard.

RediHold is the perfect board for tight spaces. The tapered foot is ideal for helicopter transport and fits basket stretchers.

Angled edges and foot end facilitate patient loading.

Available standard in colour orange.

Available with and without pins.

Size: Length 183 cm, width 40.5 cm, depth 4.5 cm weight 7.25 kg.


Stretchers & Trolleys

Stokes Litter

The Stokes Litter stretcher system is ideal for rescue, it can be used both horizontally and vertically. Keeping the injured person in a secure and firm position at all times. Made from tough and light weight materials this system is highly portable and secure.


Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

Designed for a variety of rescues, the Paraguard Excel Stretcher is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher.

It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue casualties from a building collapse, industrial incidents or confined spaces.

It is particularly useful for high building and helicopter rescues.

Constructed from quality synthetic materials, stainless steel and aluminium, the Paraguard Excel Stretcher is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is also resistant to rot and corrosion.

This stretcher is approved for use by many authorities including NATO 6530-99-446-9403.

The Paraguard Excel Stretcher is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs.

The head is held in place by a three-point, non-slip forehead strap.

A figure-of-eight strap supports the feet.

To enhance infection control, the flaps are easily wiped clean and the patient pads may be detached from the base for washing.

For storage and ease of transport, the stretcher packs into a backpack supplied as standard.

Options and Accessories
  • 4 point lifting bridle
  • Carry handles (pair)
  • Shoulder harness system

Mule Wheel

The Mule II Litter Wheel is the only litter with handles that stores in a space no much bigger than the wheel itself.

The wheel slides off of the axle and stores securely inside the frame. The handles fold over and around the wheel for compact storage that will fit most rescue vehicles.

The handles allow fewer tenders and adjust in height for easier carrying. The large ATV-type wheel provides shock absorption for the patient and rolls over uneven ground smoothly.

Width: 64cms

Length: 203cms

Weight: 15.4kgs

Load Rating: 408kgs


FERNO Vertical Rescue Stretcher

The Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher’s roll-up, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for high angle, confined space, horizontal or vertical rescue.

When deployed the stretcher becomes rigid and provides patient protection and security during rescue andevacuation. It has many carry handles and six colour coded lifting slings that provide a good variety of options for transportation and lifting. An integral, colour-coded, full body restraint includes a padded head restraint system, six over body restraints, shoulder and groin straps along with a foot strap for vertical lifts.

The Vertical Rescue Stretcher rolls up and is easily housed within its cordura storage bag which doubles as a backpack.


Ferno Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher

Ferno Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher (Stainless Steel and Titanium)

These stretchers are a revamp of the classic Stokes military style stretchers.

The top rail is a full 2.5 cm making the stretcher easier to handle over extended periods.

The Traverse Titan Stainless Steel Basket Stretcher is reinforced with double stainless
steel tubing at the head and foot ends for extra strength during vertical raises and lowers.

The Traverse Titan Titanium Basket Stretcher is made from titanium and is less than half the weight of similar steel and stainless steel baskets.

The stretcher’s ultimate strength is provided by frame geometry, superior construction methods and materials.

Both basket stretchers are tapered and available in one-piece or two-piece models.

Key features
  • StratLoad attachment points for secure attachment of lifting bridles
  • 25 mm top tube assists with grip, especially in long carries
  • Durathene netting offers greater safety and comfort to both patient and rescuer
  • Compatible with any Ferno backboard
  • Tapered feature allows easier access in confined areas
  • Moulded, high density polyethylene back support
  • Two-piece design hinges together at the bottom and secures on the top rail with integral threaded collars
  • Engineered to nest together when split
  • The Traverse Titan Titanium Basket Stretcher is lightweight and high strength.

FERNO SKED Rescue Stretcher

Compact storage, ease of use and flexibility while transporting has made the SKED Rescue Stretcher popular with rescue squads, military and ski patrols.

Made from a heavy sheet of plastic, the stretcher becomes rigid when folded around the patient. A variety of handles and straps assist with multiple forms of stretcher transportation including vertical and horizontal lifts with rope systems and helicopter transportation.

These handles and straps also help with towing the stretcher. Sliding is made possible with the smooth bottom surface of the stretcher.

The full system comes complete with the stretcher, Cordura nylon backpack/towing harness, 2 x straps, horizontal lift slings, vertical lift sling, large steel karabiner and four removable web handles.


Ferno SKED Half Patient Drag

The Ferno Half Sked Patient Drag is made of the same durable material as the Sked stretcher, but is only half as long.

The patient is secured in the Half-Sked with sewn-in two inch webbing straps with fastex style double adjustable buckles, and patients can be extricated from the tightest of confined spaces.

Unlike the Sked stretcher, the Half-Sked allows the patient to bend at the hips, allowing greater flexibility to turn corners.

The Half-Sked should not be used as a hoisting or immobilization device, but for cost effective extrication from the most demanding confined spaces there is nothing quite like it anywhere.


Ferno Saver Scoop Stretcher

The Ferno Saver scoop  is designed so personnel can uncouple either end or both ends of the stretcher and gently scoop the patient using scissor-type closing motion.

Ideal for hip and spinal injuries.

Supports a patient in the position found, reducing risk of further injury.


Ferno RescuExpress

When Time is of the essence and staffing is limited, RescuExpress moves more people out of harm’s way with greater speed and safety than any other system.

Emergencies such as terrorist attacks, bomb threats and aircraft hijackings, require fire departments and rescue response teams to be prepared to move large quantities of injured people in the shortest time possible.

Traditionally, this task has been limited to stretchers and gurneys, both of which require a minimum of two rescue workers to transport one injured person.

The Ferno RescuExpress allows one emergency worker to rapidly move one patient, it can cut in half the amount of time needed to evacuate the injured from a high risk area.


Ferno Res-Q-Mate Rescue Stretcher

The Ferno Res-Q-Mate Stretcher is specifically designed for use in building collapses, mine rescue, quarry accidents, helicopter and confined space rescue.

Constructed of quality synthetic materials and stainless steel, the Res-Q-Mate is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products making it resistant to rot and corrosion. Torso and leg flaps comfortably wrap around the patient while four adjustable colour coded chest, thigh and lower legs straps secure the patient. An additional green, v-shaped restraint is designed to secure the arms while a long black foot end restraint is designed to secure the feet via a figure of eight configuration.

Six built in carry handles provide many options for handling the Res-Q-Mate Stretcher and patient. The Res-Q-Mate Stretcher folds compactly and stores neatly inside a heavy duty, reflective backpack that is supplied as standard with each unit.   Each Res-Q-Mate Stretcher comes complete with a four point lifting bridle, tag line system, adjustable head restraint, head pillow and reflective backpack.


  • independent head, arm and foot restraints
  • six side handles for patient transport
  • flexible chest and leg restraining flaps
  • includes four-point sling for helicopter extraction
  • adjustable head restraint
  • head pillow
  • quick release buckle for tag line
  • load limit 180 kg.

 Optional accessories include:

  • FWE2062 Carry Handles (pair) with carry bag
  • BRH-2061 Shoulder Harness Pair which conveniently attach to either end of the Res-Q-Mate and assist in long haul retrieval of patients

Ferno Raven BiFold Evacuation Stretcher

The Ferno Raven Bi-Fold Evacuation Stretcher, like the Talon II, is the ultimate evacuation stretcher as it is the most advanced and innovative combat and evacuation system ever designed.

These stretchers are designed for special operations and meet the challenges facing defence personnel in the 21st century.

The Raven also features a bi-fold configuration and is supplied complete with two patient restraints.

Key features
  • US Air Force safe to fly certified
  • Meets all NATO requirements
  • Exceeds military 3X decontamination requirements
  • Meets US civilian and military fire safety codes
  • Compatible with the NATO patient evacuation platforms
  • Ergonomically designed lifting handles
  • Includes 6 IV pole attachment points
  • Ground clearance of 4 cm.

Ferno EXL Scoop Stretcher

Adjust the Ferno Scoop EXL to the size of the patient then wrap around them to keep them secure. From the scene to the hospital, and even in the X-ray room, the scoop provides smooth operation and rigidity for ultimate patient care.

The EXL scoop has many features not found on traditional scoop stretchers.

  • Ergonomically designed handles with optimum hand grip and angle
  • Thermally treated light weight plastic that is easy to clean and resistant to temperature extremes for patient comfort
  • Wide stretcher base allows for patient support with ease of engaging and releasing end clasps
  • End clasps incorporate a unique triple latch for additional strength
  • Load limit 159kg


Min Length 165cm

Max Length 202cm

Folded Length 120cm

Width 43cm

Depth 7cm

Weight 7 kg


FERNO 71S Basket Strecher

The Ferno 71 Basket Stretcher is constructed of a high density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached heavy-duty aluminium frame.Moulded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle. This basket stretcher is chemical, UV, rust and corrosion resistant. An easily replaceable mattress is attached inside the stretcher for patient comfort. Supplied standard with four two-piece quick release patient restraints.The Ferno 71-S two-piece Basket Stretcher has the same features as the one-piece Ferno 71 Basket Stretcher but separates in half for compact storage or backpacking to a rescue site.

Key Features:

  • Brass grommets strategically located for quick use with the Ferno Adjustable Lifting Bridles.
  • Moulded runners and handholds

Additional Features of split 71-S:

  • Separates for compact storage or backpacking to rescue site
  • Stretcher halves store nested together
  • Stretcher is quickly assembled and secured with pins

Ferno 71 Stretcher

The Ferno 71 Basket Stretcher is constructed of a high density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached, heavy-duty, aluminium frame. Moulded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle.

This basket stretcher is chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant. An easily replaceable closed-cell foam pad is attached inside the stretcher for patient comfort. This stretcher is supplied standard with four two-piece quick-release patient restraints.


·  Brass grommets strategically located for quick use with the Ferno  418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle

·  Moulded runners and handholds.