Anthron Doublestop Descender

The Anthron Doublestop Descender is a robust and functional descender with great breaking power and two jamming positions that are appropriate for descending and rescue operations.

Too much or too little handle pressure activates the descender’s jamming position.

Placing the handle in a central position or ‘sweet spot’ enables a smooth, controlled descent.


Handled Ascenders

Each handle has a large opening so they can be easily used with gloves.

The handles are padded with a cork/rubber compound which is comfortable but firm, providing a non-slip grip


Chest Ascender

The Anthron Chest Ascender is commonly used as a chest ascender but can also be used for other applications.

The design of the ascender ensures smooth and positive ascending as well as good jamming and releasing of the rope


Ascender Bloquer

The Anthron Ascender Bloquer is designed as a chest ascender to be fastened to the harness with flat webbing or a maillon rapide.

Each ascender is made with an additional hole which allows a carabiner to be inserted above the cam to prevent accidental rope discharge.