Acetal (Custom Made) (M)

Threaded Adapters

Full range of Poly & Acetal fire thread adapters. These are ideal to be used as deliveries on vehicles, standpipe conversions, or just about any place that a threaded adapter.

Because of the non corrosive nature these adapters are ideal for ships & Offshore operations or any salty environments.


Acetal Adapters to BIC

Acetal Adapters can be custom made to suit BIC. This is extremely useful especially in the Shipping industry where Ships from other countries may have different hose fittings.

Since Acetal is both light weight and impervious to rust or corrosion it is ideal for salty conditions and can be stowed in lockers for extended periods until required.

Some examples pictured are 3TPI Fire thread conversions to Brass BIC and a thread conversion (Storz NPT to BIC with BSP thread)

Fire & Safety Solutions provides only high quality fire equipment, at competitive prices. After many years of experience, we know the level of quality our clients expect from their fire equipment, and will not provide products that we feel are not suitable for the task or are of low quality. We are aware of some very cheap, sub-standard fire equipment that is being distributed in the industry, but we will not intentionally provide products that could potentially fail to work or put our customers at risk.


BIC (British Instantaneous) (M)

BIC Hose Tails

BIC or BS336 Hose tails are available. We can provide these both in Alloy or Brass (Gunmetal) if required.

Smaller sizes are available upon request.

We are happy to fit your hoses Australian Standard Hoses with either Wire Whip or Strapping if required or you can purchase them uncoupled.

Pictured is Strapped (first picture) and Wire Whip (second picture)


Camlocks (M)

Metal Camlocks

A full range of Camlock couplings available. Available in Aluminium G.P., Ny-Glass, Polypropylene Food Grade, Bronze/Brass, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Mil Spec. Sizes available are: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 65mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm &150mm.


Storz Couplings & Adapters (M)