Rigid Knapsack Water Sprayers

Rega Knapsack Sprayer 16L

The Rega Knapsack Sprayer is constructed from strong, durable polyethelene and holds up to 16 litres of water. The Rega comes with a ‘trombone style’ double action pump spray arm and nozzle and the spray pattern can be quickly and easily adjusted to either jet or fan.

The Rega Knapsack Sprayer is designed for fighting low intensity fires or hot spots and for mopping up after fires have been extinguished.


  • 16 litre tank capacity
  • 490mm wide x 650mm high
  • Double action hand pump
  • 120cc per stroke flow rate
  • Sprays a straight jet up to 6 metres
  • Sprays a fog jet up to 2 metres

Collapsible Knapsacks

Genfo Collapsible Knapsack Water Sprayer

The Genfo Collapsible Knapsack Water Extinguisher is a flexible thermo welded water tank with canvas reinforced synthetic yarns and an internal baffle for ease of use.

The Genfo Collapsible Knapsack is excellent to control, mop up, and extinguish forest and scrub fires.

The Genfo Knapsack is also ideal for the property owner.

It has a unique double-action hand pump design with pistol grip.

Rolls up for easy storage and includes a storage bag.


  • Holds up to 18 Litres (4 Gallons)
  • Dimensions:  490mm x 650mm
  • Inlet 100mm diameter
  • Flow 120cc/stroke
  • Straight stream 8 metres, fog 3 metres