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Light Bars

Light Bar 2100 LED

We can build this light bar to suit both your budget and needs.

  • When properly configured, the LED X™ 2100 complies with SAE and CA Title XIII
  • Unique LED X™ optics
  • Clear lenses and the absence of color in the lightbar produce an inconspicuous appearance
  • The lightbar can be controlled through any of the standard Code 3® switch packs or siren/switch controls
  • XT3 LED ArrowStik now available
  • LED X™ modules are available in red, blue, amber or white with flashing or steady burn versions
  • LED X™ built-in ArrowStik® traffic directing light, available in 6 or 8 head versions. The conventional incandescent ArrowStik® is also available
  • Other options include 35w MR-11 takedown lights, 35w MR-11 alley lights, 27w stationary lights or even 27w flashing lights
  • Includes Lit3Kit mounting kit
  • Only 2.1″ tall for less drag and increased fuel efficiency
  • Long-life LED X™ modules are covered by a 5 year warranty
  • LED X™ modules are solid state
  • Powered through a standard 12 volt input
  • All voltage management handled at the lighthead through the integrated light engine and optics of the LED X™ module
  • Polycarbonate lenses and an extruded aluminum frame

Excalibur Light Bar

The Excalibur Light Bar series is truly one of the most recognised and reliable Light Bars in the market place today.

Used on a wide range of Emergency Vehicles, it boasts a unique combination of Rotators with LEDs to give a true 360 degree range along with unbeleivable brightness.

3 Options Available





Mini Light Bars

Mini LED Light Bar X2100

The LED XTM 2100 Mini Light Bar is a light bar that is approximately 2″ high, yet delivers unobstructed 360° warning and more signal power and versatility than any other light bar of its size.

The low profile and aerodynamic lines reduce air drag, which results in fuel savings and stability at high speeds. This light bar has a strong extruded internal frame, shock-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and warning signals that exceed SAE standards.

The unit is 22″ in length.


Excalibur Mini Light Bar

Same powerful lighting components and options as the Excalibur® lightbar, while giving the user more mounting options.

  •  Available in a NEW 22.5″ length
  • When properly configured, it complies with NFPA, SAE and CA Title XIII
  • 4.5″ high x 12.25″ wide
  • Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options
  • Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate lens & filter options
  • Halogen, strobe, LED and combination configurations available
  • LED X™ modules available in red, blue, amber or white
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • 24 volt options available

Budget Mini Light Bar

Mini Light Bar with Rotators (Red/Blue) magnetic base & cigarette plug.

Length: 400mm

Height: 125mm

Width: 262mm

This is an ideal Light Bar for users that have budget constraints. This Mini Bar is already widely used throughout Australia.




Compact, low profile design
Neodymium magnet driver for high efficiency
Glass-filled nylon housing makes the C3100 lightweight, yet rugged and weather-resistant
Impedence 11 ohms @ 100 watts
Compliant with SAE J1849 and CA Title XIII when used with Code 3 sirens (except models 3000 or 3050)
120 dB @ 3 meters
Dimensions: 6.335 inches H x 6.335 inches W x 3.155 inches D
Weight: 6.1 pounds


Strobes/ Beacons

Powerflare Infrared

Invented by a police officer, the new PowerFlare® PF-200 Tactical Beacon is an essential piece of equipment to have in a wide range of law enforcement and military scenarios.  PowerFlare Tactical Beacons can be used to extend the range of night vision equipment by providing Infrared (IR) source illumination.  For example, a SWAT member can deploy a PowerFlare unit
into a search area and be able to see further with NVG equipment.  Works with all generations of NVGs.  10 user-selectable flash patterns.

This compact (4”) device emits 360 degrees of IR LED light (invisible to the humaneye), visible for up to 10 miles away with NVGs or FLIR (on low-light camera mode).  It is waterproof and so tough, you can run it over with a firetruck.  (See video on www.powerflare.com).

Applications include:
–Personnel ID (IFF)
–NVG illuminator (confined space, building search, etc.)
–Mark drop areas, assets, targets (narco surveillance)
–SCUBA diving and marine operations: waterproof to 80 ft. & positively buoyant (floats)
–Rescue Signal (extraction)
–Covert Helicopter Landing Zones (LZ)
–Visible light models also available: red, yellow, blue, green, white

Unlike flashlights with alkaline batteries or light sticks, PowerFlare units can handle extreme temperatures, can be used in HAZMAT and EOD situations (intrinsically safe), and feature an amazing 10 year storage/shelf life with lithium batteries that never leak. The LED bulbs are unbreakable and can operate thousands of hours.

PowerFlare IR Tactical Beacons are currently in use by military Special Forces as well as law enforcement tactical (SWAT) teams.


Powerflare 200

Please Be Warned!

There are very cheap Chinese Knock Offs on the market at the moment.

These units cannot be trusted!

As with many of these items, like cheap torches, they look good but have no back up or support and the internal components are manufactured from the cheapest materials.

The Defence Forces have a strict testing programme and will never use inferior products.

This is why the Powerflare is used by the Australian Defence Force, the USA Military and Emergency Services around the globe.

If it is cheap, then there is a reason!

The Strongest, most reliable Emergency & Tactical Strobe in the World Today! Popwerflare is the only original portable strobe that is manufactured to miltary spec. Do not be fooled of an inferior copy that looks similar. Powerflare is distributed in Australia by Fire & Safety Solutions.

Here is why……

  • It can withstand being driven over by a tank.
  • It can (and has been) deliberately thrown from a helicopter at 3000 feet onto a concrete tarmac with no effect. In fact, it is currently in use in Iraq & Afghanistan and is regularly thrown from Helicopters at 800 feet to mark landing zones.
  • It can survive being strapped to a briefcase of exploding C4
  • The Powerflare is currently in use by the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan. (No other portable strobe was capable of doing the job)
  • Is available in Infrared (IR) that is invisible to the unaided eye and only visible through night vision equipment.
  • It Floats and is water proof to a depth of 300’ (attach to dive lines and buoys, designate areas/hazards or egress routes, night dives / cave dives)
  • Has 10 different Flash patterns including S.O.S.
  • It has no “right way up” it is the same whichever side it lands on.
  • It uses Lithium batteries with a 10 year shelf life and that withstand extreme temperatures without leaking, PowerFlare lights are replacing light sticks in earthquake and hurricane kits for Emergency Response Teams (ERT, CERT).
  • Available in Red/Blue or Red/Amber combinations, or single colours of Red, Blue, Amber, Green, Orange, White or Infrared with a choice of outer shell of Yellow, Orange or Olive Drab.

Whilst the Powerflare is slightly dearer than the Eflare, it cannot be broken, it’s Brighter  and the savings are quickly realized due to minimal battery changes.

The Powerflare is far cheaper than the Turboflare SOS model.

The Powerflare is available in rechargeable or Non-rechargeable models.  Pictured bottom, is the handy 6-Pack Rechargeable System in carry case and cigarette lighter plug.

Also available in infrared (night vision).

Fire & Safety Solutions is the authorized exclusive Australian distributer for the Powerflare. Contact us for more information or a quotation.