PHOENIX MILLENNIUM 800 Portable Fire Pump

A light weight portable fire pump that combines the benefit of high pressure fire fighting performance with optimum water transfer properties.

High Performance Engine

Modified Briggs and Stratton, model 386447, Vanguard V-Twin air-cooled, overhead valve. Maximum output 23HP (16.3kw) @ 3600 RPM. (627cc) displacement, 4 cycle with full-pressure lubrication.

Simple and Rapid Priming

Fast and effective priming is provided by the simple to operate exhaust eject primer. The pump will prime 3 metres in 20 seconds and to a maximum of 6 metres.

Corrosion Resistant Construction

Stainless steel is used on all fabricated parts.

High Level of Standard Features

The pump comes with a wide range of standard equipment fitted.

  • Outlet pressure gauge
  • Compound gauge
  • Flexible Halogen night light
  • Hours run meter
  • Battery Voltage Meter
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Fuel level indicator incorporated into fuel cap

Nominal Technical Specification

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Dry)
600mm 495mm 620mm 87Kg incl battery
Typical Performance at 3 metre suction lift
2.0 bar 1,730 litres/minute
3 bar 1,530 litres/minute
5 bar 1,250 litres/minute
7 bar 800 litres/minute
9 bar 506 litres/minute

Additional Features Include:

Two 50mm outlets with ball valves which will allow for a variety of coupling types.

Inlet 100mm BSRT (or 75mm FBSP to take a variety of inlet adaptors)

A large fuel tank capacity of 9.0 litres ensures the fuel supply will last for at least 1.1/2 hours at maximum throttle opening and load.

Electric starting is standard with a 12 – volt negative earth system. The battery is a 12V VRLA type and is completely maintenance free. This type of battery can stay fully charged for up to 12 months without the need for recharging. A sealed regulator and internal 16 amp alternator provides reliable power. A robust hand start allows the engine to be started in the event of low battery power.
Optional extras include a detachable wheel set, on vehicle charging unit and remote tripod lighting.

Typical Applications

Municipal Fire Brigades

800 litre/minute at 7 bar means a fire service can run two 400 litre/minute hand lines effortlessly.

Rural Fire Fighters

The powerful 23 HP engine means that rural fire fighters can get maximum performance out of the 97Kg package (Fully operational including full fuel tank and oil).

Flood Relief

In situations where flow rater than pressure is critical the Millennium 800 gives exceptional performance delivering over 1900 litres/minute (with flooded suction)