High quality, durable, emergency and fire fighting equipment bags and packs. These bags are very tough so you can be confident that you will get years of use keeping and carrying your emergency, rescue and fire equipment.

Large Fire Fighter Kit Bag with Wheels

This is a must-have bag that every fire fighter needs. The bag is deep and spacious allowing you to pack all of your essential items with ease. With this bag portability is not an issue as it had wheels for your convenience. It is avaliable in red and blue and is made from high quality materials.


Tatonka Barrell Bag

The Tatonka Barrel Bags are extremely tough and very popular with ERT and Mines Rescue and across Australia. These bags will still be going long after you have retired. There are 6 sizes available however most crews go for the X Large as it is not too big and can still fit all the necessary gear.

The Tatonka bags have a padded base, a mesh pocket under the lid and extra wide hand and shoulder straps. The models S to XXL have two padded shoulder straps, which can be completely stowed away in a pocket or used to carry the bag on the shoulders like a rucksack.

We can screen print on the side in only Black or white your Brigade, Mine or something like “Emergency Response” if required.


Tatonka Barrel Bag with Wheels

Indestructible travel bag on wheels. With the Barrel Roller you have to decide: firstly on the suitable capacity of 45, 60 or 80 litres. Then you have to choose a colour, because the Barrel Roller is now available in many more great colour variations. Of course the Barrel Rollers are all robust and extremely resistant – from the carry straps down to the wheels. The Barrel Roller can be transported either by the padded handles, with the help of the extra wide hand and shoulder straps or very simply with the telescopic handle.

Features: Size adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad; Extra-wide handles and shoulder straps; Strong No.10 zipper; Telescopic handle; Mesh pocket inside the lid; Padded bottom; Name tag; Durable and easy-to-clean materials;

Fire Equipment supplies is how our company began, and Mako Fire provides only high quality fire equipment at competitive prices. After many years of experience, we know the level of quality our clients expect from our fire equipment, and will not provide products that we feel are not suitable for the task or are of low quality. We are aware of some very cheap, sub-standard fire equipment that is being distributed in the industry, but we will not intentionally provide products that could potentially fail to work or put our customers at risk.