IQ Force 4 Gas Detector

The IQ Force rugged multi-gas detectors are simple to use, customizable and reliable. The IQ Force Gas Detector is perfect for Mines Rescue, ERT or any Industrial/Emergency application where Gas detection is critical.

The IQ Force Gas Dtector is designed to be tough!

Monitoring for up to four gases including oxygen (O2), combustible gases (%LEL), hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO), IQ Force serves as a trusted workhorse, protecting workers day after day.

IQ Force as a full solution brings you one step closer to advancing your safety culture. Combine the detector with the IQ Force docking station and IQ Management System to take your fleet program to a new level of efficiency, safe habits and overall safety.

Whether you need to protect yourself from gas threats or you manage a large scale fleet, IQ Force Gas Detector offers dependable operation, effective data mining and customizable options to suit your needs.

The IQ Force Gas Detector is built for the harsh environments that you work in. Designed and rigorously tested for use in the elements and to withstand drops and bumps that occur in a typical work day, the IQ Force keeps you working.

The IQ Force saves you time with record-keeping and administrative duties, so you can do more on your job with less effort. Retrieve logged data for a specific incident, or analyse data regularly via the IQ Force Dock and IQ Management System in order to ease management of your fleet, reduce operational costs and enhance your safety program.