Protect-A-Life Escape Hood

The most important factor in surviving a fire is maintaining your source of breathable air with an Emergency Escape Smoke Hood

Each year, over 1500 people are seriously injured* and nearly 100 are killed* by the effects of smoke inhalation in residential fires alone, with many more killed or injured in fires in commercial buildings, hotels, motels and nursing homes. These fire statistics demonstrate that the greatest danger to human life from fire is not the fire itself but the smoke it produces. Deadly fire gases, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide can kill in minutes.

Emergency Escape Smoke Hood:

  • Protects against toxic fire gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide
  • Provides 30 minutes protection to escape a fire hazard
  • Heat resistant hood protects the head, eyes and respiratory system
  • Meets AS/NZS 1716:2003
  • Easy to use – requires minimal training
  • Universal fit – one size fits all
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • Five year shelf life
  • Certified to ISO9001:2000

Draeger Parat C Escape Hood

The Draeger PARAT C protects the wearer for at least 15 minutes against smoke and hazardous gases typically produced during a fire. It has been approved in accordance with EN 403.

The fire escape hood features a CO-P2 combined filter protecting against toxic gases, vapours and particles. This allows the wearer to breathe safely and escape to a safe area.

Due to its universal size and flexible neck collar, this fire escape hood offers reliable protection for a broad range of wearers. It is also suitable for individuals wearing glasses or for use with a beard. Its bright colour means wearers are visible even in smoke filled areas, making them easier to locate and rescue.

The large visor has been treated with an anti-fogging agent and offers a clear view during an escape.

For various deployments, the unit is available in five different packaging types: In a cardboard package as a single pack, in a convenient carrying case as a soft pack, as a traveler pack in a durable plastic box, in a package tested in mining operations for heavy industries, or as a twin pack in a wall box developed for stationary mounting

​Includes the CO-P2 filter and the exhalation valve to service the unit after 6 years (total service life time: 12 years).