BAUER Junior II BA Compressor

Bauer Compressors have been true tried and tested for many decades and are the Compressor of choice by industry and by the diving and fire communities.

Unlike other compressors on the market, the Bauer systems have a high quality precision machined internal block that is manufactured in Germany. Less expensive units on the market may have inferior internal blocks which means they may not last very long.

Junior II Compressor

The Junior II Compressor is the most popular portable unit and is untilsed by many Mines Rescue and ERT Crews across Australia. Simplistic to use and extremely realiable, the Junior II is an ideal choice where there is not a requirment for rapid BA Cylinder refills.

This unit will fill a 6.8ltr 300 bar cylinder in approx: 25 minutes. A twin whip fill line can be attached to fill 2 cylinders at the same time but naturally the filling process will take longer.